Saturday, February 21, 2009

Keep the surveys coming

Two more on-line surveys were filled out. Thanks Wanda (Luedtke) Cintron and Michelle (Stellmacher) De Vorse. Remember everyone, turn in your survey on-line or through the mail by April 1st please.

I have received mailers marked "undeliverable" from:

Steve Geishen, Brenda (Otto) Kwakkel, Pete Schwoch, Tammy (Welk) Towne

We are missing addresses also from:

Mike Ehlenfeldt, Bonnie Schultz

keep the memories a comin'

a few old school pics I found, weren't we all so cute
Tom H., Michelle, Mike B., Fritz
Lori G., Jon C., Duffer, Mike B.(love the shirt)
Lori C., Dana, Michelle, Lori P. Gwen
Jr. Prom Court
National Honor Society

MHS football team (sorry about the circled player, I guess
I did that when I was younger and naive), am too lazy to
Photoshop it out.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Pics - 8th grade trip

John R., Mike B., John Mohr, Jon Martinez
Lee's knees
Julie, Gwen, Karen, Lori G., Lisa C., Shannon, Mike B.
Lori G.(I never realized she was such a ham before) Gwen, Karen, Jackson
Lori C., Jody, Wanda L.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One more mailer

Yes! I received survey number two today from Lori (Powers) Krueger in the mail today! Thanks Lori!
My mom went through some old pics at home and sent me a few more. Be on the look-out. I'll will post them in a day or two.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Surveys and returned mail

Yes! I got my first filled out survey back in the mail yesterday. Thanks Paul Voigt!!
Unfortunately, I'm still receiving envelopes marked"return to sender". Today I received mailers back from Tammy (Welk) Towne, Steve Gieschen, and Brenda (Otto) Kwakkel.
If you are in touch with any of these people, please let them know about the reunion, or send me their current addresses. Also, check last week's post on returned mailers for names of others who are missing in action.

Remember, get your mailer sent back to me by April 1st or fill out the online survey by then.
Thanks to the 11 people who have already filled it out online.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

recent pics

Jean had these on Facebook, so I stole them. Heather, Lee, Duffer, Mike B., Fritz, Jean
Dennis, Dan, Mike, Duffer, Jean, Fritz, Lee

More old Pictures - from Michelle

Valley girls - Dana & Jenny

Jr. High Basketball - Michelle, Dana, Peggy, Fritz
Lisa, Wanda, Lori, Kathy

6th grade camp counselors
Shannon, Tom, Lori

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

more pics from Jean

good ole boys at last reunion Jon, Ray, Tim, Jeff, Glenn
so are these the good ole girls?
Lori, Jean, Fritz, Karen
3 wild and crazy girls - Lisa, Jean, Karen
Jean and Dora
Shell and Peg

Alright!! More old school pics, this time from Jean.

Monday, February 2, 2009

More old pictures - some from Duffer's collection

6th grade camp - Jean R. - posing for the camera
Gwen, Karen, Lori G.

Ice skating - Lisa S., Gwen, Lee, Michelle

8th grade trip - Baptist Assembly
Gwen, Glenn, Karen, Lori G., Lisa C. Julie D., Trevor K.

No new pictures yet, so I'm taking matters into my own hands people!

I'm posting some old pictures I dug up. If you've got more, send them. I'll post them and we'll look at them at the reunion. Be appropriate please! I won't post anything too offensive.
Enjoy these and send me some recent photos or else,... I'll find more. :)

Iceskating - 7th or 8th grade

Lori G., Glenn C., Gwen, Shannon, Karen, Lee
1st grade birthday - Julie D, Lisa C. Lynn M.(not in our class), Peggy P., Kathy F.

Beach party - Lori C.'s house -between 8th and 9th grade
Dan M., Tim Z., Eric T., Lori C., Lori P., Fritz, Jody, Wanda, Shannon, Lee, Duffer
Senior Class Trip - 1984, Orlando, Florida
Wanda L., Lori P., Lobna, Jody, Lisa N., Jen K., Dora

one 8th grade dance
Lee, Dan, Fritz, Duff, Lori G., Kathy

3rd grade - Mrs. Weber's Class
Fritz, Glenn, Lisa C., John K.